Day dreams

Recently, I’ve been drueling a bit at the T-Mobile G1, if I had the money to spare, it would really be worth it, in it’s own way lol. Especially the fun of bending it to the functionality I require from such a gizmo, although honestly; I don’t care much for such mobile devices. In America, we’re stuck in a country where it pays more to rehash last years crap then be innovative; just look at Microsofts last 30 years of products.

I doubt, if I’ll ever meet a gizomo smaller then a laptop but bigger then a pen, that I won’t consider unneccessarily “downgraded”, short of importing an old Zaurus PDA or building something myself. Heh, if I had the kind of cash Mark Shuttleworth has, I would really have some fun :-). Enough cash to cover the educational-in-betweens, and the cash to see just what is possible with modern technology…

And then sale it and go broke in the process of competing with same ol’craps that tries to set the users expectations, not go for the gold.