SLEEP !!! Precious sleep !!!

Oh that felt so damn good, it should be a crime. I got to the point, you take a rest or else. So I powered down, laid down to watch some of the Simpsons before dinner; but no luck on a nap. After dinner, I think I managed to get nearly an hours sleep; but as usual no one will let me fscking sleep!!! So after drifting/waddling through the misc crap that had to get done, I put on the Simpsons where I left off, and crashed. I think I managed to get through the rest of the episode (~20min) before dropping off to a sound sleep.

A freaking bomb could’ve gone off, and I wouldn’t have noticed lol. Dreamt of maybe, woken up not a flubbin’ chance man.

That was maybe 2 hours ago, short… but very greatly appreicated lol. Now I’ll probably be up to six o’clock in the morning, working on some projects until I pass the frick out again :