Cars been in the shop, for the 2nd time in as many weeks… and due back in on Monday for further kickin’ around. Oddly, Ma has little concern for how much bother she causes me, but feels guilty for borrowing money :. By her own count, sh ecurrently owes me about $155; I don’t keep close counts. There in, I suppose lies the difference; most of my family loves money, but couldn’t be arsed to save a penny, if it was raining gold. Me on the other hand, like my maternal grandfather, don’t really give a flying flub lol. Ca$h has it’s uses for barter, beyond that it’s as valuable as toliet paper in my book… Because, you can use money to get food, but money doesn’t taste as good as food — ok, I think with my stomach a lot xD.

Ma’s best friend had to pick us up, which is good I guess. Got to meet her new puppy Lakitia, and one of the cats taking a nap in my lap lol. At least, I’ve gotten a lot of reading done for the day, but no coding yet. I aslo had a bit of a pumch click into mind about a personal project I’ve been working on of late; figured out the basic structure last night. But, trying to think about the problme I found myself thinking, “I’ll be missing pointer arthimetic soon”, today it hit me; stop thinking like a regular expression engine for complex fun with strings, and remember perl has the best fscking regular expression engine ever made, built right in xD