Digging into the code — code monkey’s go go go !!!

Well, since I’ve reached the point where I need to start organizing ${HOME} again (joy), and thoughts of ma.gnolia returning, shows no sign of vitality atm… I appear to have no other choice (that I’ll actually make :-P).

I am writing my own bookmarks system…

There was a project I was interested in awhile back (Nano probably knows what I mean), which required it; so that’s about 30% of the base design saved. The orignal project, called for itt o be part of a C++ program, but no time for fiddling (and I especially hate compiling under Win32); time to roll out Perl — and get it done. I’ve had it, time to code it lol. The original idea, was a pair of CLI & GUI wrappers around a library interface in C++, that provided plugable backends to sort out the real work; file system, database, ma.gnolia, mozilla bookmarks, etc. I guess ma.gnolia is out of the picture, and I never cared much for mozillas bookmarks format anyway ^_^. So that eases the initial work load quite a lot hehe.