Today was really, the only chance I had to sleep… but like normal, I didn’t
get any rest this morning. Work on the otherhand, went fairly smooth. Came home
and got to record most of my thoughts (and designing a window manager) before
chow time. Later, I just crashed for a nap and woke up a few hours later.

Since then, I’ve been been experimenting with links / links-hacked / elinks
some more. Really, elinks is almost exactly what I want… except for the lack
of GUI support. links-hacked, hmm I’m not so sure about right now; I just don’t
see it’s “hacks” as a big enough improvement over links proper. The minimal
adjustments I would need to make to links 2.2, is working with it’s cookies,
user agent spoofing (well, not neccessary, but desired), and add a few hooks
here and there (text entries, key to open new window, etc). In links-hacked,
I’m not sure yet. links-hacked seems to have much more primitive text area
handling, and much like how links lacks a key to open a new window
(links-hacked also lacks it!), there is apparently no key to just open a new
blank tab. Like, what kind of idiot makes a keyboard command to close a tab,
but doesn’t make one for opening one? (at least, if there is, it sure ain’t
documented, and the ‘t’ command from elinks doesn’t work in links-hacked). I
suppose, I could always find a way to stick that in…

EDIT: done, it now opens new tab, hehe.

Now that was kind of cool, I’m wondering what open_in_new_tab()s second
parameter does, and why it always seems to get passed NULL as the 2nd
parameter. Sure enough, I checked the function defition again — and it doens’t
use it for jack, hahaha.