Tired of shitty software

Ok, now this really pisses me off….

Firefox3 — CPU user time usage jumps up the chart just when scrolling a freaking page, often reaching 97% !!! I really didn’t like the change over from Firefox 1.5.x to Firefox 2.x but this is ludacris man… (and yes, I almost _never_ restart my web browser, I shouldn’t have to, especially when it’s as big, fat, and ugly as all Mozilla products!)

cvs — created a shell function that given a short message, auto-generates the kind of CVS log messages I want in my personal repository; then runs cvs commit -F tempfile. Causes CVS to shout about aborting because you can not specify both a message (as in -m msg) and logfile (as in -F tempfile) at the same time. Yet!!! I checked cvs log, and guess what? The son of a bitch committed it [each time] anyway.

I thought Microsoft’s ‘ERROR_SUCCESS‘ error code was funny, but that one is just stupid :/

And I am not even going to dig into things like UE2, XFire, Pidgin, various APIs and mobile devices ^_^. There are just some things in the computing world… that really piss me off; is it to much to ask for some decent software….? Interestingly, almost all of the software that I use, which doesn’t piss me off regularly — is predominantly portable UNIX software. *sigh*