Home at last for the rest of the day; got off work early enough for a quick sandwich and some kartoffelchips before taking Willow for her checkup.

13.04 lbs (~5.915kg) and strong as an ox, gained 1lb since last year lol. It’s funny though, she’s like a little bully at home but as soon as we get within earshot of the vets office…. petrified chihuahua! I’m standing in the examination room with Willow on my one arm, and her and my mom are nervous wrecks; ma asked me how I could be so calm, my reply? It would take something like a zombie invasion to worry me lol.

Pardoning grocery shopping (dang), I’m off until Tuesday; maybe I might actually get some sleep for a change.

Want a dirty look? Try telling a dog she’s fat >_<.