Been working over SSH from SAL1600 today, since my rooms flooded out with cloths racks :. This crappy wireless ain’t helping either, just to keep things stable I’ve had to drop from AES encryption to Blowfish and add compression… either the signal utterly blows these days, or PuTTY must leak a lot of resources me thinks.

I cloned master in /srv/git/Projects/tpsh to /tmp/tpsh to do a little work, when surprise surprise… OpenBSDs perl barfed at Getopt::Long::GetOptionsFromArray. A cursory inspection of installed Perl modules around the network & change logs, showed my worst fear was right: it’s an experimental function added 2 years ago. After inserting a banda-id, and doing quite a bit of testing to avoid regressions… I also fixed a few other bruises and found a few things Perl 5.8.8 / use warnings didn’t like very much.

The birth of the “porting” branch, lol.

After taking care of pushing that out to the shared-repos, I checked out master and implemented the eval built in, so before I start coding tonight on my laptop I’ll need to update the master branch there from the one on the server, and merge in the changes from the porting branch.

Currently I’ve got three versions of Perl installed, 5.8.9 on the FreeBSD laptop (the authoritative git repository), 5.10.0 (activeperl) / 5.8.8 (from msys-git) on Windows XP, and 5.8.8 on the OpenBSD machine (home of the shared repository / insurance policy).

if tihs infernal wireless goes out once more…. I might just start working from my laptop on the couch, and the hell with this P.O.S. At least then, Iw ouldn’t have to SSH to get work done ^_^.