Good girl, bad girl?

Willow laid down on the floor eating something and I called out, “did you give her a carrot or something?” (the Vet Tech proscribed healthy-snacks lol) and Ma answered back No, as the dog ran out of the room.

I found Willow on the floor behind the cache trying to eat it, but didn’t see it… to me it looked like it might’ve been a big piece of bird seed, I couldn’t get it out of her mouth so I commanded her to “split it”, she did…. surprise, surprise – it was Ma’s Vitamin E softgel! She did it once with a calcium pill, that looked just like her interceptor (worm-preventive) pill; but hid it because it didn’t taste good enough to chew haha; after that she stopped eating her interceptor like candy. This time, I guess the vitamin E must have tasted good :

“Bad giir… good girl for spitting it out, but bad girl for taking it!”

So I swapped it with a marrow bone, and Willows all the happier lmao.

Dogs are just like kids, gotta watch them close or don’t be shocked at what ends up in their mouths when you’re not looking lol.