Finally home from work, just one more day to go until I’m off for a bit…

Been raining so heavy, Burt the hunting dog had to be brought in from outside; boss warned he might bark and bear his teeth since he doesn’t know us, but all he did was look at me as if to say, “pet me, I hate this weather” lol. I usually get along well with animals (y).

Most people don’t care much for this weather, but I like the rain, I don’t feel so depressed.. I’d rather go for a nice stroll lol. Rain doesn’t really bother me, just another side of nature; it’s lightning that concerns me! Lighting is however beyond my control, so I don’t worry to much about it. I was standing in the kitchen today , a string of windows at my back from my 3 to my 9 o’clock not even a metre away. The whole room turned blue and I listened intently for the clap of thunder. Sounded almost like an air strike in the distance, shaking the room. I fear for others more then I fear about my fate; if GOD wants me dead, it don’t matter if I’m standing near a window or in a vault, if my times up the ‘where’ would be the least of anyone’s worries 8=).

mm, when’s lunch