Writer’s Block: No Foolin’

What’s the best April Fool’s joke you’ve seen today?

Live Journals Writer’s Block

Watching Noer’s evil mind fool a few youngin’s about things shutting down; we’re not closing our doors at [SAS], but he April Fooled at least one or two troopers xD. BSDFan tried a similar trick on me earlier about DaemonForums but without that awesome punch to it lol. Medic had me grinning ear to ear with his Ghost Recon fools, but I think Noer took the cake hehe.

So far, I’vce only been fooled once (Thanks BSDFan, lol) but haven’t pulled any; the only person I had a mind to trick, is also one I would’ve considered it mean to fool in the planned way lol. (I’d also hate to see what he’d do to me next year haha). Well, I did try playing a joke on Valroes joke but I don’t think I got a rise out of him 🙁