merging the new code into master

After 3~4 days of coding, I’ve just merged the parserlexer branch back into master; I love coding 🙂

 commit 9857e5e9556f31543075fb4a74350dbda97a42e5
Merge: c9a8ae4... bb425eb...
Author: Terry ....snip...
Date: Wed Apr 8 07:23:19 2009 +0000

Merge branch 'parserlexer'

The new parser, lexer, and quote expansion code (+ a few bugfixes) has
finally been merged into the mainline of development (branch 'master').
This marks the new sh_eval(), tpsh_parse(), expand_quotes, tpsh_lex()
functions in such a way that they should be considered 'stable' for
general usage.

some nice things that come with this:

a sane way of quoting stuff; but not sh compatible (”’ = ‘, not an error), more then one set of quotes on the line; and things like `cd /foo; vi bar` finally work xD. In the course of the necessary bug smashin’ for the merge, I’ve also cleaned out a few pains in the todo file, that have been there since last month++ lol.

things that remain to be done: pluggable completion; make completion play nicer with perl/gnu readline backends; restore support for pipes (critical); handling of keybinding (likely painful across perl/gnu/zoid Term::ReadLine backends; but at least zoid is nice…). In the more long term: control flow, (subshells), better `handling`, {anonymous macro/grouping}, more advanced I/O redirections (i.e. only >, >>, and < currently work lol); making `fc -l` and `history list` use a format for display rather then print(); make &do_getopt able to be configured by callers (so fc can accept negative indexes, etc); give a way to turn off shell options (set - and set + currently turn on, only lol); and who knows what else that I can't remember atm.
and to abuse {erls idea of objects and verbs: eval { $spidey sleep $now };