Geeze, last night was nuts, and tonight not so much better. When bed time came around, I was wide awake with plenty of stuff to do; so I didn’t bother with rest.

I nearly forgot to sleep!!!!

Next thing I knew, 4 hours had passed since the last time check, and light was pouring in through the blinds 🙁 🙁 :-(.

At least tomorrow, I don’t have to be up and out for work until noon lol.

Most people who knows me well, know there’s only two reasons I can see for being awake so early… One would be to watch the sunrise with that special girl, and as anyone who knows me at all -> then start wondering why we didn’t pack a picnic-breakfast xD. The only other logical reason, is to setup an amphibious ambush, and go fishin’ ;-). Hmm, I wonder how many years it’s been … I’ve always enjoyed fishing, just get out in nature, and forget the rest of the world exists for a while. But unfortunately, you’ve eventually got to go to work lol.