Oy, what a night….

Ok, so one of my friends AIMs me, cussing a blue streak and shouting that I’ve been hitting on his girl friend. I don’t even know her, lol. Since I knew it wasn’t me messengering her (friends wives/gf are off limits in my brain!), my head went into hazard mode: Counterintelligence time? Began making plans on upgrading all my password interlocks, and standing by to start an audit trail to see if anyones been listening in on my lines of commu. (Down to the hardware level.)

After developing an interesting cipher, and a vague idea of a secure password manager; I took to CO-Phase I, ascertain the truth and recon avenues of compromise — without tipping my hand to any would be DB&E artist, that I know what’s up.

Sure enough: false alarm, and a big sigh of relief at not having to change most of my Tier-3 password interlocks. While the new cipher is interesting (especially when mated to my Tier-system), I’m rather glad to have avoided CO-Phase II, deployment of the cipher and beginning a more traditional pattern of digital counter espionage efforts.

Sorted the whole thing out between the two of them, in so far as I am involved (lol). Which also brings my head up from Defcon II, to Defcon IV, now that I know my AIM account is still secured. My IM accounts only run at Tier-3 to Tier-4 of my personal security policy, so I know better then to rule out any monkey business; but ahem, I know prefer to stay out of trouble and keep my name likewise ^_^. I think I will begin migrating things to Tier-5 via the new cipher though, just to shake things up a bit.

I can’t help but think, that he put f(X, B) = name together and figured it wrong, in the direction of AIM name lolololol. Oh well, I am cleared; and didn’t even have to hit CO-Phase III :-). All in all, watching my friends raging-bull attitude, I’m rather glad that I don’t get jealous very easy!

While a more correct choice of words, would be Counterintelligence (CI), I chose “Counter Operations (CO)” for the initial label, since a little more Direct Action then purely CI-related actions would be warranted, should anyone breach my Networks security rather then just an AIM account, hehe.