Any monster, who would dare inflict such pain and sufferung upon the innocent: deserves nothing better then a bullet in the head.

It’s one thing to fight against a foreign army or a local regime, I can even understand cross fire and confusion, but deliberatly choosing to harm civilians is beyond my definition. Honestly, I don’t think even the word terrorist is strong enough to describe some of the things that have been done to civilians and service men over there. Our own hands are certainly not clean, the fighting has gone on much to long; the difference? We didn’t go to Iraq to butcher the people, we went because of the butchers.

Not so long ago, someone I know was a part of a convoy that was attacked, one of the vehicles ahead got hit, but he came though in one piece; that is the nature of war. When the enemy choses to detonate bombs in markets or murder anyone who will stand on their own accord — that is no longer war.

This very much reminds me, of a story I once heard about the second world war. I heard, that Generals Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley toured the camp at Ohrdruf… to sights that made even the tough as nails Patton ill. And I’ve heard, that American G.I.s were told to see the camp, because if they didn’t know what we were fighting for – they would soon see what we were fighting to prevent.

When things started gearing up for another conflict in the gulf, I was fairly skeptical at first; why should we finish the last decades affair, when there is so much else that needs doing? It is however my nature, if our troops are deployed, that is what you support, because they will be the ones in the thick of it all. Personally, I think if some of those who have opposed the war over the years, could walk and see the people in the hospitals, and see some of the horrors our men and the people there have been made to endure — they wouldn’t bitch, they would start fighting.