What I really need is aerobic exercise, and a way to [re]build [lost] endurance but that is kind of a major problem lol. If I actually had something to work with in terms of raw materials, I could at least build a primitive exercise bike or a treadmill, or something… I used to love running.

As good as no space, virtually no money (that reminds me, family hasn’t paid back most of my life savings yet!!!!), and essentially no freedom to go anywhere, or do anything outside the rats nest of a home, without ‘business’ to attend too. So, basically I am totally screwed anyway you slice it. Light strength training is about the only option, and even doing that here is like pulling teeth. I have enough physical strength to do most things I’ve ever had to do; only failure I ever had was trying to move a UPS, that likely weighed more then I did at the time lol.

It feels like living in a freaking prison, but one with decent food… and not much else.