Old but not dead, yet

Sometime during my SDL-related studies, I was interrupted and ended up in somewhat of a fire-arms quiz: it has really been a lustrum since I’ve followed developments, but I used to be quite knowledgeable for someone who doesn’t spend their time on a shooting range lol.

Actually, I find it kind of curious when I look back over my “focal points” of study. Toys and games got me into the study of weapon and vehicle technology, it was a design/engineering interest in aeronautics and ‘mechs that made me realize that math was useful, and it was computers that refined my analytical mind: training it beyond the obsessive-geek analyzation of Sci-Fi and technology, into what it is today. And it also seems, that computers are pulling me back into mathematics slowly bit by bit.

All in all, despite the time-loss: I was quite happy to see that while the study of firearms were largely displaced from my routine interests years ago, I am still not an ignoramus on the subject hehe 🙂