Writer’s Block: Word for Word

How many (if any) songs do you know by heart? What are they?

Live Journals Writer’s Block

I don’t think I know any single song by heart, since I generally avoid singing outside of church lol. With how much silence life requires at home these days, I do sing ‘inside my head’ so to speak, since that is really the only place outside the internet where I have a free voice of any sort :@.

Generally it’s the songs that I either feel a connection with, or end up hearing the most that start to stick. Most of Folsum Prison Blues, which is also arguably one song I would want to pick up: if I ever learned how to play the guitar lol. I believe it might also be the first or second tune I’ve ever heard from Johnny Cash. A number of Trace Adkins, Taylor Swift, and several Alan Jackson tunes also rattle around my brains every now and them. One song that I know fairly well, is the Cocaine Blues, because I’ve heard it played toooo many times! And like wise with major portions of Picture, it’s mostly the sequencing that I need remembering.

I came here to live is probably the song I know by heart, if any song at all. Often at work, I sing it softly to myself I’m going up or down the stairs.

I grew up in a town where tough was a cigarette, and a souped up car on the county road. Nothing much to do back then so we’d make bets, on how much a drink a guy could hold, and I held my own. I learn’d to hold my own. Daddy worked some dead end job at the concrete plant, momma taught the Sunday bible class. For eighteen years I remember thinkin’ there was more to life then that, so I ran the streets to beat the devil: goin’ just as fast as I could fly. ‘Cause I came here to live, I didn’t come here to die… Momma used to wait for me with the porch light on, worry about her little boy ’til I got home. Daddy, he’d say “Listen son”, but back then there wasn’t much, that I didn’t already know. I reckon I was doing close to eighty, when I felt the tiers slip out from underneath. And I never set out looking for Jesus, so I guess Jesus came looking for me, and found me upside down in a ditch. Smoke and gas in my eyes, HE said son, you came here to live: you didn’t come here to die. Sunday morning I got up, and I went to church. That summer I got a job and I went t’ work. I met a girl in town, put some money down… on a little place with a yard.. Our little boy was due in September, but he came early in July. For eighteen days all I remember, was sitting there at his side, saying son open up your eyes. Just open up your eyes, ’cause you came here to live. You didn’t come here to die, son you came here to live.