Lately I have really been thinking of different things, of one, I suppose the best choice of word is “Expressiveness”. You could say, my family has its fair share of issues… I at least have never really felt loved or cared for, so much as “just here”; I’m sure such is not the reality but if it isn’t, well let us just say there is great disparity involved in our concepts of such things, between mine and theirs. Anyway you slice it, the things that make me, ‘me’, are just generally not welcome.

As such during my life, I’ve generally sought different forms of expressing myself; always without care of who gets it and who doesn’t, because I need to be able to let it find an outlet.

In my youth I used to doodle incessantly, perhaps if things had been different, and I offored the same opportunities as my forbearers; perhaps I might still spend time drawing. Perhaps I might even have developed the level of skill at it I desire, something profitable might even have come of it (my mother studied as a cartoonist). I always loved to draw, it was a great way to just let my feelings, my imagination: let it all take shape and roll away in it’s own directions. When I got older, I started to write more often then draw; less expensive on the equipment (particularly as more modern computers became available) and easier to shield myself from areas of potential censorship. I can’t stand repression, and I hate to see or allow others to feel repressed; I do strongly value discipline and order of course, but I do not deal in absolutes either. I am an avaricious reader, once I learned to read they had to take the books away from me… and I still would be found under the covers with a sci-fi novel hidden away hahahahaha! Since the finances for satisfying my tastes ran out years ago, I haven’t read much over the past few years :'(,. I’ve always liked immersive stories, one of the reasons I so dearly loved Dune was the hours of intellectual thought it offered. With my imagination, I also like writing short stories from time to time, but do not consider myself as having any actual talent with the English language. Having been forced into a world where if it takes more then 5 minutes to write, it will likely end up an hour-long project, I have also learned to type very fast – thinkspeed, and to opt for speed over accuracy or correctness, out of necessity :-/. In the past few years, I’ve often put my thoughts to ‘file’. I think in some way, I’ve forever been influenced by King David, by way of my times in bible study. Although I was quite literally the “Odd man out” of the group, they are considered like THE best bible study group in this place. The stimulation and depth of thinking was always the awesome part of group time…

In more recent times, I’ve greatly fallen in love with programming computers and designing things, source code is almost like poetry in a way. While I reckon it might sound odd, but I do have a soft spot for poetry (with a point). I don’t think I can really describe how I feel about programming, unless you know and understand how it feels. Reading code, writing code, and understanding code; it can all tell you a lot about someone I guess. The only problem is you might just have to be versed in the same art to comprehend any of it.

Ever more increasingly this past year, I have been wishing for a way to explore the world of music deeper. Unlike most of my friends, I’ve never followed such things very greatly year after year. These days however, I can’t stand a silent PC, and can probably bicker with my old wings about the cause of that o/. I’ve developed a stronger interest in music, but have no real means to explore it properly. I do gravely regret never having learned to play an instrument, but it is probably best that I never did; since doing so would have meant an even worse living hell, growing up in this family! If I could change the sands of time and bend it to my will, I think I would learn the Violin. Why? It just seems to be the most natural fit. I doubt if I will ever have the chance, and it would take years of quality practice before I could ever play such an instrument at the level I would seek, let along the open sentence to be solved: expressing myself though it. and I reckon, that music has different meanings to different people. For the time being and likely the better portion of my life, I must be content as a listener. Yet, I sorely wish I could let what I am feeling flow through in such a way.