Dark mood

I’m really not in a good mood right now. Tired and pissed off make for a piss poor pair. It just seems the more I’m here, the worse I feel; the more I know that something is missing from my world. Been fairly busy of late, mostly keeping myself busy, less time to think. It’s like just about anything that will fill space for a little while; rather then thinking about other issues. I’m also not looking forward to this coming week and such, because I know for what family has planned, is only likely to make me feel miserable in the long run. It’s been 21 years on earth, and I just know… being around family is usually a painful affair.

Plans as part of Operation Redeemer are more or less on schedule but things just are not going fast enough in the right directions to suit my needs; lately I feel like I’m just passing time again, but for different reasons. I draw breath, but what makes me move?