Ahh I feel refreshed!

One of our clients was out of town for a few days, so we had to watch their dog over here; he just went home tonight. After ~6 hours of C++ this afternoon, I was kind of glad to be shifting out to a lit’ work.

Came home to a long hot shower and a close shave; threw everything in the wash and plopped down back in front of the computer lol. One nice thing about a C++ compiler, it doesn’t care if your favourite t-shirt probably has more holes in it then a slice of swiss cheese :-P.

I’ve been working on a file system library and a command console for my present project; comparing the Windows and POSIX APIs for file system operations, I’m in the mood to paste a comparison later… haha. Present prioriteres are mapping data into both the source and release trees, hooking up the game console, and maturing the file system interface. Really the prototype will have a few quake like qualities in that regard, but that is only because ID Tech engines kick ass hehe. What I really would like is to load data out of ZIP archives and use a mixture of XML and Python script to extend things. We’ll see where the future goes.