I’m feeling one of those moods best marked as, “some people train cockroaches, I write things” in nature.

I think if I don’t find something to do right now, pretty soon I’m going to go stircrazy1. I’m really not in the mood for games, I know it too well… I reckon the best thing atm is continue to kick my operating environment into a higher order of work flow.

Lately a lot of things have been passing through my mind, until the marbles resemble scrambled eggs better then brain cells; and as much as I enjoy thinking, sometimes one can overthink. I’m all thunk out at this point, I can’t take anymore. As such, I really need something to focus on right now…. which is problematic with being driven crackers in this place at every twist and turn :-/.

Since I’ve been spending a lot more time on my desktop lately then my laptop (I miss the late nights with my darling Dixie :'(, but SAL1600 compiles faster). This again puts me in the old boat – sharing data between systems; as well as having to deal with shuffling between tools. After 3 weeks of using Windows XP for development tasks, I’ve learned a few new curse words and how to use the childish cmd.exe for automata needs.

Basically the problem at hand is thus:

  1. operate on the ‘same’ fundamental data set across all ‘working’ environments
  2. be capable of going mobile (laptop), and continue to work even without access to ANY network
  3. make the usage of backup and version control packages more uniform
  4. further refine the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) to my ever evolving needs

The biggest problem of them all, is Windows XPs user interface really kicks a huge freaking battle-ship sized hole in my ideal work flow…. lol. Alas, at least I can always build up tools as I go. GOD bless Perl, Python, and the rest ;). In the end, I hope to likely be using rxvt/rxvt+tpsh or console2+tpsh for my main user environment; rather then console2+cmd.exe and rxvt+screen+zsh.

1 In reading further on this issue, I can’t help but wonder if the way life has been, has influenced why I so often take pleasure in being out in rainy weather lol.