Oooh, I’ve just had a little brain fart of interest.

For lack of anything more interlectually interesting to do with my sleep deprived mind, I’ve been thinking a bit about some coding I could do on tpsh; then this hit me. The shell expands ‘, “, and ` quotes using a simple table to map the symbols to appropriate transformations, why not use the same code for () and {} grouping?

Internally the look up table for quote expansions is hard coded into the principle tokenization subroutine, because that is the codes only designated purpose in the program; it didn’t need to be more general, then being easily converted to something more generic. After getting a working implementation that I could drool over, I thought about posting a modified version on a forum, as a demonstration of how to do quote handling in config files and such.

Now I’m thinking of more places I can use that little blighter with a few minor changes lol.