I’ve edited my init.sh script so that rs-mgr should be called during startup and whenever I close FVWM. So far things are looking pretty good, hehehehe. Also, I set MPlayer to playing El Dorado.

Spent about an hour and a half or so working on ma’s computer, Norton 360 continues to driver her nuts—by doing exactly what it is paid to do lol. For many years I had to deal with Norton Anti Virus and related products, I’ve always found them more trouble then they are worth; in 360s case, I would say that annoyance is the price of incompetence. Perhaps I am just old fashioned ^_^. Most of the serious security issues I’ve ever encountered are either the result of incompetence or fragrant disregard for sanity. Heh, finding a typical XP machine in use is always good for a barrel of laughs!