1 less job of the week…..

I spent most of the morning scrubbing globs of dog hair off baseboards at work… not fun, but I’ve had much worse tasks over there. The great thing was only having to work half a normal day!

It looks like I might be looking at having Thursday’s off work. The financial situation of todays client, is stiffening up, and as usual with my mothers choice of business: we’re the among the first to be let go. For all the countless times my mother has driven me out of my freaking skull over there, I’m not going to miss having to suffer through that job every cycle, nor am I going to miss spending a few _hours_ of the day just lugging crap up and down staircases!!! Although, I do have to admit it was always good exercise… lol. Consistently Thursday has always been the hell-job, usually the one out of the week, that most closely equates to torture. I’m too used to having to work Thursdays to ever have peace… whatever the future holds, I don’t expect it to become a restful day.

The problem is that it means H.R.P. is going to be digging into me even about her own finances then before; its already started. As far as I am concerned, any attempt to reinterpret_cast<CashCow_t>(Me) from a Slave_t is not valid code… she forfeited that right years ago. Ma is looking at a $100/month loss in her bottom line, and the bottom line is the overruling factor in every thought and action for most people in my family. I’m perhaps the only only one who rejected mercenary behaviour, as a way of life.

Now I need to put up with her jabs about having to pay off a loan, the one she took out to cover my glasses. Somehow I don’t think I will ever hear the end of that one, even though she only had to do it, because she already had to “Borrow” every damn sent I had in order to fix the car, lol. Other wise I would’ve paid for them myself, and it’s not like I was the one who pissed away the rest of the loan money on stock piling stuff.

Combined with everything else that’s going on, it just slams Operation Redeemer and my freedom further back; this damn equation is never going to get solved at this rate. In order to get my license *and* be able to make use of it, I need to solve the petrol problem, the problem to that, is how the bloody hell to solve that one, without her royal pain trying to dig hooks into it. The rest of operation redeemer is also dependent upon solving that in order to proceed with the next factor. Why do I even bother any more? There may as well be a big bulls eye on the back of my head.

I’m nether bank nor animal, but when is it remembered that I’m a person?