Despite a more miserable then not day, I’ve actually made some progress with my game project. Fetched Ogre 3D’s trunk via Subversion, built it with CMake/MSVC, setup a suitable SDK spot, then got my project building against it with CMake and executing.

The main adjustments that are needed atm, is building up the configuration file handling and implementing the principal movement commands that remain (e.g. creep, walk, run, sprint). There really is no game engine in the traditional sense, because I don’t want any of the ones I’ve looked at! My intention is to refactor the prototype into a suitable baseline for use with other games I would like to build in my free time; I hate to repeat myself :-P.

It’s still very early for me, but I think I’ll turn in for the night, after I have the servers prepped for tomorrows Live Op. I’m interested to see how it will go, and very much wondering who will end up as the Element Leader, hehehe.