A return to [ma.]gnolia.com

Today I introduced a friend to the tagging concept behind services like del.icio.us and ma.gnolia, and used the wikipedia articles[1][2] to give her a quick tour of things. In thinking about it for a whilef, I’ve realised that I ought to look into this again myself.

For a while I was thinking about building up my bookmarks again, more formally then my cobweb riddled brain pain that is. Today I figured that would mean using del.icio.us, if I was ever to go with a replacement for my old ma.gnolia account. When ma.gnolia went down, it basically took all of my bookmarks with it (unrecoverably). After that, I basically stopped using bookmarks lol; in fact the only one I’m actively using is a quick link to my usual radio stream, which I load every time I login. Everything else is something I know the URL of, or can Google for the exact address (I love a good search engine more then an old phone book lol). The only thing that I actually miss, is some of the programming articles I had tagged, but bookmarks are a fairly painless thing to loose; well, for a geek like me anyway there’s much worse.

In looking at ma.gnolia’s website, it seems that the wikipedia article is outdated. After a renaming to gnolia, it would appear that the service is alive again. While I expected to end up on delicious (sad to see the domain hack go :’), the revived gnolia is a bit of good news IMHO. I don’t know if I’ll ever establish as large a bookmark collection as I used to have on ma.gnolia but this time as an extra safe guard, I intend to make regular exports every couple months. Perhaps I’ll even check in the file into a git repo, dunno.

The really big question, is how to organize my tags…. hehe. Ok, sure my desk, room, $HOME, and everything else looks like a bomb hit it! But it’s tightly organised, so I can actually find crap when I go looking for it ^_^.