Sweet, Google Reader can send things to LiveJournal

Like many people, I often have things that I want to follow, but can’t be arsed to check up on periodically; the solution of course is RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” feeds. The age old problem is the bother to actually _look_ at the RSS feeds in question lol. A while ago, I switched to Google Reader during a period of reorganisation; a topic that I should probably revisit in a few weeks.

While much of my life is an open book, most of the services I use are not very integrated even when they are capable of it; this is mostly by my intention! Most people on planet earth and beyond, can reach me via instant messenging—the prefered way, since I’ll hang ya if the phone rings >_>. My LiveJournal is my ‘personal’ place, and perhaps consequently one of the most public. There are other mainstream services that I’ve come to employ, which kind of creates a bit of an onion approach to my data lol. LiveJournal serves me, I don’t actually care whether anyone reads it or not, after all it replaced mounds of log files and such, and that is what its principal purpose was and still is ^_^.

One of my friends makes use of Google Reader, so I’ve started exploring Readers ability to share and comment feeds with others; which lead me to this little puppy: “Send To” LiveJournal and Iterasi for Google Reader. Combined with a few other tidbits, this might get more frequent use: most things of interest to me in regard to RSS feeds, end up noted int his journal anyway, well if time permits lol.

The entry I’ve setup in Google Reader, thanks to the help of that link, results in exactly the kind of thing that I want: a suitable subject (that makes searching my lj easy) and a message starter that I can live with.