Notes over lunch

Work yesterday was fairly uneventful, so it left me time to concentrate on programming, doubt Friday will be so lucky… lol.

I worked out the basic architecture for pipin’s daemon, and have had the details on my mind for most of time since ~1400Q yesterday. Current on the hit list, is a pair of prototypes: one built around libpurple, that is to deal with the issue of a bare bones get connected task, the other is an experiment in moving the “Gatekeeper” component into its own thread. Once both prototypes are done, I’ll look at merging them and re-evaluate how they play together versus mucking around with GLib’s main loop. Conceptually, pipin-imd consists of three units: purple, dispatcher, and gatekeeper. The purple unit deals interfacing libpurple into our own kit; the dispatcher in mapping between purple/pipin-im events and notifying all registered clients; and a gatekeeper to manage incoming data from pipin-im clients. I also have an idea of how the communications protocol between daemon and server might work, not to mention the fact that I want a simple net command shell that would allow communicating with the daemon via a shell or batch script lol.

The plan is for the daemon to be written in C and licensed under the GPL, since purple forces use of GLib, there is no reason to use C++ for sake of the Standard Template Library. Whatever the legality of using Python ctypes based or SWIG generated code to interface with libpurple is, I doubt it would be in the spirit of the damn blasted GPL, even if the license was less restrictive >_>. The client unit, I plan to write in Python using whichever widget toolkit proves most appropriate (Qt, GTK, Wx). The daemon is a pretty simple program, the client side stuff gets all the fun, and a license more in line with my ideals of freedom, then the uglicious GPL.

Originally I had planned to work on the threaded gatekeeper prototype during the time before dinner and afterwards, but never got around to it. It wasn’t a good nights sleep, but at least I went to bed early for a change…. lol