of passwords and tags

Having some spare time, I set to updating my code books while I wait on the Google Wave video to reload; I had to pop off at ~55min for a Live Operation ;). Ahh, crud! Now it looks like I’m going to be interrupted by dinner 8=).

Around late April, I devised a new schema for how I handle my password management—yes I am insane. I actually do have an encoding system for increasing password strength, that is tied to how my brain functions. It’s built from a system of standard passwords that are pseudo-salted with mnemonics that are tied to both the schema and how my brain internally organizes data. The end result, a systematic password that is more difficult to brute force, and hard to guess unless you are me ;).

I’ve just converted about 50% of my core services to the new password system, and I’ll do the rest tonight.

At the moment, my bookmarking has been focused around delicious. The pattern I have chosen for tagging is roughly the same as what I’ve been using in Gnolia; Category/Sub-Category/… and in place of larger meta tags (e.g. Programming/Perl) I’ve bundled the tags. It’s an informal hierarchy but rather nifty. Gnolia lacks bundles which I dislike about it, but honestly the only thing Delicious’s method offers in improvement, is you can’t forget to add the meta tag along side the regular one (e.g. Programming/Perl/Frameworks).

The tags I’ve arranged are strongly organised, I like keeping things tidy. There is a simple “Personal” tag for things connected with me, Services/ for various services: Services/Webmail for example contains marks for Google and Live mail. Programming/Language/{Distributions,Documentation,Modules,Frameworks, …} is also in use

For some reason, I love organizing crap…. lol.