So, where have I been lately?

I haven’t been keeping up with my journal lately, things have been hopping quite a lot recently.

Wednesday night, my mother had to be taken to the hospital. I spent the night on the couch, trying to keep the dogs sane; Willow & Coco have been bark happy! Thursday was basically spent on a mixture of travel, hospital, and chores. Got to spend some time with my brother after we visited our mother, I was there about three times during the day. Another night on the couch lol, and Coco doesn’t exactly like to *share* that much!!! For years my mothers thought that she may be diabetic, so finally being in a doctors care for, I guess the first time in 21 years; ma was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Friday saw the conclusion of testing, and it appears the main problem is Diverticulitis. Who would’ve thought having a high(er) fiber diet in your 30s and 40s was going to be important twenty to thirty years later? So far, things seem to be pretty good. Ma should be coming home tomorrow, eh today, or at the latest Sunday.

For what hours I haven’t been in a hospital room, I’ve basically been home with the dogs. I don’t mind being alone as much as I would’ve thought, but I am really glad to hear that ma is coming home soon. It’s too quite without her, and the dogs are not used to just having me around the house.

Two things that I have learned, is if I ever had to live alone, two fundamentally important things are a good radio (that gets 94.9) and gloves ^_^. Actually, I think this was the first time in my life, that I really had to wash dishes—I’m not about to have her come home to a kitchen full of crap. For some reason, without my mothers constant interruptions the day time has passed much slower then I’m accustomed to; so rather then quickly flying by days and slow nights, things are on a more natural pace. It will be nice to be able to sleep in my own bed again as well, rather then taking the nights on the couch. While Willow will hog my bed at night, Coco doesn’t care much and won’t often venture that far away from the living room, unless she wants to hide in my closet lol (oft’ during thunderstorms).

Getting a little drowsy now, and I should be getting to sleep, only GOD knows when the phone is going to start ringing in the morning. Heh, and actually that is an interesting thing that coems to mind now that I write this; although I’ve probably spent as much time on the phone in the past three days, then I have in the past three years. One thing I have noticed is that while ma has been in the hospital, there hasn’t been tons of calls from creditors all freaking day; there’s only been two or three at the most. Anything else would have to of come through when I was visiting at the hospital.

Spooky, ain’t it?