I’ve been very busy of late.

I’ve been very busy of late.  By my own calculation, ma is now sucking an additional 2 1/2 hours or more out of every day of my life, just through lunch/dinner prep! Today she also decided it was time for redoing the kitchen and has managed to rattle my nerves accordingly to get what she wants. While I generally like an excuse to work with my hands, I don’t really care much for moving shelves around, along with all the junk on them, let along the priority interrupts that have to be fired later when I am “Done” but there’s still more odds and ends.

A distinguishing feature between me and the rest of my family, I do things myself, they can’t be arsed to do more then coerce someone into doing stuff for them.

The Encapsulated Package Installer (EPI) project was let out of the bag not to long ago, but in a good way; since it’s picked up steam again. In the past couple days I’ve started work on the build system, and filed off several memorandums while refining the standard.

Our build system is being designed with distributed functionality in mind, making it play nicely with jails and machines on a private subnet. The overview I sent in an earlier memo, described a build system so knock out dead dead sexy, it ought to be illegal!

One of the ideas I’ve been mulling over for a while, is ways we can improve the security model used in EPI; after much thought on the various methods, I’ve cooked up a scenario that would allow running the optional scripts without root privileges, while still expressing obtrusive functionality through the EPIL script API in ways that is “To eat your heart out, PBI”. I need to do a bit more study, but I like the idea.

Joy, dinner is ready and I’m not done writing this post yet, courtesy of her royal highnesses interruptions! Sigh, there’s just no way to win.

I managed to spend a portion of the day playing SWAT, maybe 5 or 6 missions worth. At this point in life, it’s one of the few pleasures I get beyond engineering software systems. Oy, there’s no peace to be found here :'(. In just about every action or endeavor, my mother manages to make me feel utterly miserable. It’s like a universal constant… for more years then I care to recall right now.

As far as efforts to consolidate my explosive todo list, I’ve been thinking about setting up some web software on Vectra, for triaging todo’s: the next best thing is Google integration with “Tasks” but I could use something a bit more dedicated. The best software that’s interested me, is one of the hosted apps on SourceForge, but sadly is not yet compatible with the database backend I’ve got to work with atm. Maybe later I’ll find some time to take a look at some webware. I can’t afford to take time to whip up one of my own, to busy cleaning todo’s off …. sigh