Well that’s another day blown

Slept in, since there was no need to get up before noon, I got out of bed around 1100—having originally woken up around 0800. I’ve yet to solve the sleep problem, but at least I am getting up earlier with much greater consistency, the down side is I don’t think I can sleep much longer then four or five hours at a time without waking up… beats the alternatives I guess.

I toyed around with my to do list program for the morning, as a way of passing time until it was time to leave; ma had to see a doctor to sort out some of the post-hospital stuff. So I spent most of my day sitting in a health clinics lobby, in the next county lol. After three or so hours of that was hiking around the supermarket while her perscriptions were being filled—so much for coding today.

Experiments in an SQLite3 based tasks manager are postponed, in favour of using Googles `Tasks` system that is mated to gmail and gcal. Until further notice, it looks like `gtasks` is m new todo management system; I’ll also take a look at RTM later tonight, and try to evaluate if it’s worth while.

While I don’t particularly care for it, I think it’s time to re-evaluate iGoogle as a way of integrating a few more things into my work flow.

Personally, I don’t care much for  being reliant on any company for my resource needs, I do however like good web applications, and Google Mail is exceptional! Docs, Cal, Groups, and Chat also makes things much easier. In point of fact, my preferred contact method is XMPP—which is the backend provider for Google Talk. Life would be so much cooler if the various major instant messenger systems (AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ) could integrate half as nicely as XMPP based solutions do.

I don’t need to use an Live mail account to email my friends, why should I need a Live ID to chat with them? Maybe Wave might change that someday.