Screws, miracles, and Turkies.

It’s been quite a day, lol. When I was at work, I was looking at the bottoms of my shoes for a moment, and I’m sitting here like, “Since when did they start making sandles with screws in the bottom?”. I had to look at my other shoe to be sure, lol. Sure enough, there was a screw stuck into the bottom of my shoe, less then a centimetre away from the bottom of my foot.

On top of that, when I was loading the car, who should greet me in the front yard, but the bosses dog that had just gone out in the back yard—the bloody gate was open! I said thank you LORD, and whoever’s watching, and thank YOU for small miracles!

The misserable part of the day however, ma decided to buy a 22 lbs Turkey (that’s nearly 10kg). I hate turkey, when you’re eating it until the cows come home from their seventh voyage 🙁