FreeBSD 8.0 day 2.0: upgrading ports

Since I have accumulated a lot of stuff since 7.0 was released, I have elected to do a clean slate — nuke it all and rebuild. The perfect chance to get rid of any stale leaves hehe.

# cd /var/db/pkg && pkg_delete -f *

As Mal.exe reminded me, this is equalivulent to pkg_delete -a; I forgot about that hahahaha!!!

while all the ports are being put under the hbomb, I set to work in an already running session of vim (since it depends on plenty of ports with my builds!) and wrote a list.

Every time I update my laptops ports, I use a customised “” script, which does exactly what I want. The portmaster and portupgrade systems are only used when needed for an expedient coverage of issues marked /usr/ports/UPDATING. It was just smoother to write my own small script around the ports tree, then live with the qirks in portmaster and portupgrade: mine does just what I want and without the hub bub.

My is programmed to parse a file, expecting input lines in the format of category/portname, which tell it what ports need upgrading. In my experience, it works better then portmaster and without that need for constantly asking “Are you still running?” that portupgrade has… is in the middle of fetching ~230 distfiles, and setting any stray build options. So that everything will be ready op for compiling all this junk. At least I can go play SWAT while things compile, but need all the stuff fetched and recursively configured before I can have fun hehe.

Will post the input list later.