If only I could …

My original plans for the night, was to be working on my games and setting up a test suite for the SAS project I’ve got on the side burner. However, since  being informed  Thursday that my Saturday was being taken *away*, I’ve been tasked with not staying up all night tonight: fat freaking chance of that. So instead of being up until 7 am working on code, I played a few hours of Quake Live, lol.

I expect that tomorrow is going to be a living hell anyway it’s sliced…. have to be used as a navcom so we can get to work, it’s likely to be to be on par with the worst job I ever had, and is in effect, a continuation of the second or third most utterly-exhausting-fml job I’ve ever had…. the kind you feel like you were dead when you get off work, instead of feeling like you’re dying. On the upside, I ought to get to see a few dogs that I haven’t seen in a while; which reminds me of a pair of sad memories[1][2].

One way or another, tomorrow is likely to be a wash out, of torture and getting nothing done. I’m already wishing it was Sunday…… !

Don’t feel like going to sleep, but if I don’t start snoring in the next 15 minutes, I’m not likely to be up tomorrow; would rather be having a snack. I know my body, and in all probability, I’m probably going to be awake for 2 or 3 more hours 🙁 🙁 :-(.