It’s been an easier day then expected: ma wasn’t feeling up to working, so instead I ended up in the super market >_>. On the upside, financial woes aside, I got to spend more time focused on programming :-D.

Lately I’ve been working on the computer games I want to build, and finally came to a working title for `StarfighterGame` –> Stargella. With a sub title of vengeance or revenge, which is a perfect title for allowing sequals and expansion packs to be made ^_^. The concept is much like the classic arcade games: simple mindless action. I remember Galaxian and Galaga most fondly, as games that I played in front of Pizza hut as a child. The best free “Clone” that I’ve seen is xgalaga, but it leaves a lot to be desired. What I want, is the kind of game you sit there and play for hours, and suddenly realise you’ve been sitting in front of a computer for the last 6 weeks with a long beard and a torn house coat lol.

The story is simple, also like the great classics: you’ve returned home to the beautiful world of Freyja to discover it is being ravaged by the evil Viekasiekian Empire. Realising that you are the last able bodied star fighter pilot on Freyja, you dive into battle: pushing the Viekasiekian forces back off into space for the final showdown against Emperor Zurick.Game play obviously being in the overhead shooter style of Galaxian and Centipede, but unlike the classics, I want the ship to have full range of movement with the mouse cursor, instead of being constrained to say, left and right, ala space invaders.

Calling the planet Freyja, is meant to encourage the concept that the planet is a beautiful paradise. Like wise, the name of the lead baddy is named in hnour of the graveyard scene from Shakepeare’s Hamlet—Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well! The intention here, being to thoughts of death and such. After all the Viekasikians are meant to be evil ;). Geeze, try to say that three times fast without twisting your tongue in a loop!

Portability concerns have caused me to have to largely ‘drop’ python from the mixture, along with all high level solutions for general rendering and game development tasks. FreeBSD is a horrible platform for developing a video game on, IMHO, unless you like the low level stuff. So, I’m using a common denominator of fairly ANSI C / ISO C89 compliant code, with SDL as the principal backends for graphics and input handling.

It’s also kind of hilarious, trying to maintain a code base that supports both the GNU C++ and Microsoft Visual C++ compilers, using a *subset* of common C++, is actually painful. However using a fairly common dialect of standard’ish C in GCC/Visual C++ is quite less painful. This is principally because MSVCs concept of C programming is more or less 20 years behind the rest of the world 8=).

and if anyone else dares to fucking interrupt me while writing this post, you’re going to be flung out a damn fucking window!