Been in/out all morning, but finally woke up around 11:15R, from a dream best described as interesting but alarming :-S. Less then ten minutes passed before the aggravatory pouncing began, and it was less then 15 minutes before I was officially enlisted for slave duty again :-(.

It’s like everyones a big bird with radar…

On the upside, I’ve managed to transfer all the Live Journal entries from January 2009 into Blogger. Really, I hope to have everything transferred before 2010, lol, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve made about 36 posts on Blogger since the beginning, not counting the moved posting. Live Journal says I’ve made 1537 entries (counting that one), and blogger gives my grand total here as 1,076 posts. So, there is about 498 posts to transfer over, Feb-Oct 2009 and part of Nov. 2009.

After that, the new roost will be ready for a party, muahuhauaha!