It has been a some what hectic day, logged off around 0400R last night and couldn’t sleep, by the time I finally started to doze off, ma started shouting and jarred me awake again :-(.

Fast forward to like 0815 this morning and she does the same damn thing, I’ve had about 3 hours sleep, tops. Getting back to sleep is unbearable, improbable, and time passes slowly. Fast forward again, to about 1045R, and I’m thusly awoke again. In fact, by this point, I’ve had sooo little sleep, that I didn’t even realise that I was having a dream, until I was woken up! Went back to bed and finally got up sometime after 1200R, to be used yet again as a cheap slave…. I’m tired of being nothing more then an asset.

The only positive things so far, is I’ve had time (~1 hour) to play with my file server with only a half dozen interruptions or so. For me, that’s a blessing.

No idea what I’m going to do for the rest of the day, I’m not really in a good mood…. and there’s nothing much that I can get done right now, that is not going to result in headaches later. I fucking hate my life here.