Of geeks and logs

Took it ‘easy’ yesterday, played some games and the only work that got done, was fairly light debugging / library installing / feature adding. Originally I planned to setup expat, libxml2, and libxslt under MinGW/MSVC, but called it a night after expat. Found an interesting thread on Daemon Forums, which shows either I really need to get a life, or a good nights sleep.

Grabbed a trio of cookies, put on the simpsons, and went to bed early, around 0100R; the easier solution :-o.

Had a fair bit of trouble getting to sleep as always, but being winded helps. By a quarter to 0700R, I had already woken up three times :-/. It was a half past noon when I finally got out of bed, not being disturbed makes for an interesting opportunity to sleep like a log and enjoy crazy dreams lol.

For my p resent activities, I’ve merely worke don importing my Live Journal entries from February 2009, into Blogger. I don’t think I’ll make my goal of having it all done before 2010 arrives, but alas, it will get done eventually!