Bye bye work week!

Finally finished with a nutty schedule, this week is a bit more free, although I’m still working on the weekends. Things have been erratic lately, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Honestly, I like it when things are shaken up a bit, although routine does help with planning events around working hours!

My dreams have been a rather nasty torrent lately, mixing interesting possibilities with programming, and more moribund territory. On the first, I’ll skip journaling, to the second, it’s mostly revolving around C and OpenGL, I’m even dreaming of coding these days o/, and as to the third, somethings are too grisly to be worth recollection.

I’ve managed to get everything done today, and still find about an hour or so to take a much needed ‘break’, haven’t had one of those in a coon’s age. For now, I’ll probably take in a quick game of Quake or some Raven Shield. Later tonight, I need to mull over some more of the OpenGL issues and such. Oy, scratch that, dinners on the roll. It seems, one thing that never does end, is my ability to think 8=).

All in all, I’m looking foreward to Monday—I’m off work :-D.