So busy, food even fell by the way side :-S

I spent yesterday experimenting with DevIL, I rather think that it will be more “To my taste” then using SDL_image for getting easy access to various image files. I only expect to use certain image formats in my games kit, but ahem, if that ever changes, who wants to write per-image-type handling code anew? Hehe. In playing with that, I’ve uncovered a bug in my zipped package handling, and have coded myself into a corner, where in the system would best serve me, by growing a more abstract file handling API—exactly the direction I wanted to go in, hahahaha! TBH, I’ve only ever coded myself into two corners in my life, but this ones a happy case.

Most of the night was used in experimenting with a pair of Integrated Development Environments, CodeLite and Code::Blocks, as possible replacements for existing build.{sh,bat} scripts. There is also a Visual C++ solution and project tree that I whipped up Thursday to replace build.bat, and am still cursing at over its dislike for by build tree o/.  In terms of IDEs, Microsoft has the best, but like visually everything at MS, it’s also as vendor specific as writing machine code in octal 8=).

Really, I can care less about having compiler, editor, debuger, … all integrated—other wise I’d use GNU emacs, screen, toolchain, and their dialect of C, and spit on everyone else’s graves >_>. The thing that interests me is having a suitable build system, one that can handle multiple compilers/configurations and multiple OSes readly, because `tmk` is a project on my back burner, and won’t be completed anything in the short term. Code::Blocks like modern MSVC/VC++, the file format is XML driven and quite easy to modify in a standard text editor.

Installing various libraries on Windows has shown me – most developers don’t know how to create a build system. At least, most open source developers can’t seem to combine computer science 1.0.1 with Visual Studio projects.

Installing various programs on Unix systems, has shown me – many developers don’t understand autotools or it’s just to complex a build system (I vote for both).

Me, I say fuck y’all. Do it right or don’t let it leave your workplace.