Wasn’t there enough suffering before GOD invented the toothache?

For the past couple days, my teeth have been on the blink again, lol. I just spent most of the day with an excruciating pain between my jaw, ear, and forehead, of which being stabbed in the face with a knife would hurt less. I could take the amount of toothache pain itself for a week without flinching, but it’s the extra pains it causes that get to me. Having the pain at the base of my ear, makes it so even the the sound of the radio hurt, which rules out playing most games. My forehead aching like a headache from the seventh level of DooM, just makes it a pain to concentrate on rocket science lol.

I started the antibiotics on a schedule, so I won’t need to worry about taking it during working hours, and spent about an hour / hour and a half putting heat on it, to try and sooth the pain and make sure the fuck doesn’t swell up on me again. We also picked up a thing of naproxen, benzocaine, and pizza fixings; my interest is in the last two. Yes, my stomach is never far from mind o/. The benzocaine one, is basically a mild anesthetic for dealing with dental pain, a friend recommended  clove oil for the same purpose, but the supermarket didn’t have it.

Hopefully the antibiotics can keep this from getting nasty and the benzocaine product should help deal with when the pain gets nasty. FWIW the naproxen is probably better then paracetamol/aceteminophen that I’ve been making do with. I also have a small bit of Hydrocodone/Aceteminophen that the dentist proscribed for pain, but really it’s roughly equal to Tylenol lol.

When I take something, you know I’m hurtin’, because I’m more apt to slam my head into a wall first.