Sickness is the pits

It seems that I’ve finally succumbed to joining those around me, Monday and Tuesday being especially crappy days. At least today, I can smell again… lol; so I assume things are moving back towards normal again. Compared to most people that I know, I’ve always had a bit of a weak sense of smell, but more fine grained sense of hearing, so it’s not a major loss. I’m just not used to being sick. Woke up with a sour throat, and went on to spend a day being wet, cold, and on the run, with just a gram cracker to show for nourishment.

Sometimes I wonder, if getting sick is GODs way of saying, TAKE A FUCKING BREAK! Either way, that’s about as often as I get sick, irregardless of how many people manage to cough all over me 8=). On the upside, I’ve found more time for coding, if not gaming :-(. I spent about two days of having my mic muted whenever I joined TS3, because of my throat, .but I’ve been more active on the night cycle anyway of late, so it’s not like I can speak much anyway lol. Code wise I’ve been working on my games I/O subsystem and experimenting with Qts WebKit module, and continuously failing to find the time to “Practice” my knowledge of WxWidgets, in favour of using Qt more often :-D.

Aching throats, nose constantly running, nasal passages stuffed tighter then a thanksgiving turkey, chilly as windy night, and so on… doesn’t really bother me much, until I run out of paper towels to use as a Kleenex! At least this time, I haven’t been killed by excessive PND and flem, like a few years back. The main things that piss me off is if I’m fussed over, luckely ma has been sicker then I have, so she’s been to preoccupied with bitching about her own problems xD.