Well, I finally reached the point where I couldn’t focus on the code any longer, and just went to sleep hours early lol. Ironically by the time I would’ve likely gone to bed, there was such a huge freaking storm blowing, that I woke up o/. It was so ferocious sounding, that it took me a while to be sure whether or not I was dreaming or waking up, but it woke me up lol. The thunder was so earth shattering loud, I think to get any louder, it would take flying in it.

The downside of going to bed early, is missing a few hours coding, and that I’m awake already :'(

Between projects, duties, and my own odds and ends, I’ve basically have used five or six programming languages this week in order to get stuff done, and have probably read code in a dozen more languages. Sometimes I really wish sticking towards one or two languages across every task would be more practical, but I’m unlikely to see that happen in my life time. I just use whatever gets the job done best.

Ya know, if I could speak human languages as well as I know computer languages, I could order dinner in any civilised country in the world.

Today’s main goals, are to work on finishing my ‘new’ client side admin for Raven Shield, hash out Stargellas networking sub system, and find some time to play a couple rounds. Although of course, if I actually had a worth while choice in the matter, I wouldn’t be spending my day camped in front of a computer, but knowing my family well, it’s unlikely to day is to stick to last weeks schedule. *sigh* at this rate I’m never getting out of this place without a sledge hammer.