Overloaded and still bit shifting

Ugh, I’m freaking tired. Started the day off computing what changes would be needed for setting up nmake based builds of Stargella, and everything has been on a snow ball since then.

I spent a considerable amount of time cursing at the MSDN Library over some very shotty docs, and realising that despite the overall quality of MSVC, the actual build tools behind it, has to amount to the stupidest ones I’ve ever seen. Although to be fair, the very first C compiler probably was worse, but this isn’t the ’70s :-P.

The depreciation of Code::Blocks for building things, and switching to appropriate make systems should mate more smoothly to my work flow. It also pisses me off that after all these years, the best tools for the job haven’t improved much. Unlike the typical morons^H^H^H^H^H^Hprogrammers I’ve had to suffer, I also know how to cook up a build set that shouldn’t be an almighty pain in the neck, just to use on another computer then my own work station. Applying basics of computer science to software construction, many hours; having to use tools that quadruple your work load, priceless!

As soon as I battle test one last makefile for MS’s nmake, all should be ready for committing to the repo. Then I can worry about the next goal, a proper merge of the common and system modules into a central core, shuffling the Windows builds to using DLLs (to match the unix builds), and integrate PCC into the unix build stack. (For ease of compiling dependencies, only MSVC is supported on Windows: MinGW users are on their own).

During the course of the day, I’ve also done plenty of the server admin loop, and have serviced more interupts today, then my processor sees in a week of abuse.

and all while carrying on several conversations, hahaa!