So far in the past week’ish, I’ve had two days work, two days deep-coding dawn to dusk, and two days spent with a nose like a cherry bomb :-(.

At least on the positive side, 3-4 days worth of work split between December 2009 and April 2010, my on-the-back-burner build tool has almost reached the level of utility of an early make tool. If conditionals were supported, it would be able to handle building Stargella as easily as Microsoft NMake and GNU Make can. The next steps for tmk will likely be implementing local variable bindings (think $< and friends), and a mechanism for including other files.

With this habit of getting up so insanely early, I also find it more difficult to stay up all night, unless my brain *is* focused intently on something. In which case I barely sleep at all lol. I also seem to be able to throw more hours of labour behind projects on my days off, when I get up earlier rather than later.

Now if I could do something about being pushed a few months behind schedule o/.