Back on the road…. finally

After enough effort at coercion and airing close at a drop to DEFCON 1, I got to do the driving to work today.

The trip was about 35-minutes each way, making it about three times longer then any other time I’ve been able to drive. There was only about 3 foul ups and an error, not bad for an inexperienced noob whose also been denied road time for at least a week and a half, if not longer o/.

First issue was about 30m down from where we live, mostly because of a certain someone opening her wide mouth and trying to tell me what to do ^_^. Once I reminded her, she finally took the order and let me be at peace.

Second was about half way there, when I cut one of the turns at to high a speed for my taste, but things were always under complete control. It still was faster then I had wanted to take the angle, so I personally consider it an error on my part. I have seen a heck of a lot of other drivers, taking that turn about twice as fast as that, but I prefer a wider margin just in case I’ve got to stop in a hurry (it’s usually a busy spot).

Third was running a red light in the middle of no where. I couldn’t see what colour the traffic light was coming around the bend, so I brought the speed down, and by the time I could see it was red, there wasn’t enough time to bring the car to a proper halt, so I just went on through as it was clear; it was just a speed control, not a junction point. Well, technically I could have stopped the car in time if it was absolutely needed, but my mother would’ve yelled at me more for the hammering on the breaks than for going through the light ^_^. I need to watch that corner: I take effort not to repeat my mistakes.

Forth was a minor synchronization issue going into the sub division. Kind of like being caught in the middle of ants-in-the pants drivers and me being doubly cautious of the traffic involved. I always count on every other driver to have no clue what so freaking ever what they are doing, so there was never any danger. Still, it was a bit of a hairy spot, more than I’m comfortable with, but the only way to get that area more smooth, is going to be more laps on through it.

The return trip on the other hand, was smooth as a babies bottom. I thanked ma for letting me drive, rather than telling me how to drive. Carrying on a conversation or something doesn’t even bother me, not in the least; but I prefer to exercise my right of being in the driver seat.  Simply put, it’s driving a car, not disarming a bomb… I might no what I’m doing ;).

I also noticed last time I was allowed to drive, that I have a tendency to not bleed off enough speed before the last drop on the way home. Today I was almost able to calculate it perfectly, but intend to kick myself into taking it slower in that area. I’d rather consciously decide to take it easy, rather than computate where the inverse will lead to.

My favourite part of the drive though, was being passed about four or five times: most of which occurred while I was going the speed limit, and right next to a big yellow sign that says, “NO PASSING”, some how, when I was just telling a German friend the other day, that Georgia drivers will pass you on a dime, it brought a titbit of a smile to my face :-D.

Generally I air on the side of caution, because while I know what I’m doing, I am not an experienced driver. I go aim to keep the car within speed limit, and bleed off enough speed that I’ll be able to bring the car to a safe halt in any tight spot that’s coming; and I can see about as far as the road permits. I don’t care if I could take things faster and sharper without compromising safety, because I know (from having done it) that I can do it if needed, but I’m not interesting in joining the rest of my family: in being lead footed.