Life proves my calculations right…. yet again dear mother!

While perusing the developer documentation for Chromes extensions system, ma gave me a summery of a phone call she just had: namely that she is now looking at an $80/month loss in revenue. As their own business is going under, one of the clients that we’ve worked for, must be at least three or four years now, won’t be able to maintain regular cleaning. Thus things are tight all round.

I pointed out to my mother on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday, and numerous times before this, that if it wasn’t for her shafting me over driving, that I would likely have been gainfully employed outside her business by now… which would have been darn handy in light of today’s news! My families been allotted inklings of my plans since at least ’09, and they’ve done nothing but screw me over every which way: looks like I was right, doing so wasn’t in anyone best interests ^_^.

The massive time delays ma has already forced on my short term plans, has caused me to miss the ideal hiring point for my original business plan, and I’ve already shoved (and reaffirmed!), that I ain’t doing jack until I’ve got my Class C and it’s been proven that I’ll have sufficient use of the car, to be able to hold down a steady job. Should we say, over the last ~twenty years, my family has given me enough cause, that I don’t trust them as far as I can throw an Atlas.

My war policy is unconditional victory.