Lately I’ve noticed with getting up so early, now that I’m averaging like 0300-0700 local:  a couple hours nap in the afternoon really rocks!

It’s like, the sun isn’t up yet, but I’m ready to run a marathon. I’ve found enjoyably, that I’m naturally falling asleep earlier, which gives my mind less time to drift at night, and that I’m getting up early enough to be able to get more work done than killing myself burning the midnight oils. By the afternoon or late morning (if I got up urber early), I tend to plunk out, more like how I used to get a few hours before I would have to raise a crash to pillow exception whilst coding. Just dropping off for a nap, I find very regenerating. Setup the laptop on the ground to play my radio stream, put something on the TV: so that I’ll have a point of reference for how much time as passed (clocks suck). Then settle down for a nice nap at the foot of the bed o/.

Perhaps, I should officially call this my concept of a siesta! Either way, my waking hours are still something like 19-21 hours a day… if I don’t pass out eventually lol. Today I had like a nice two hour nap, feels great; especially combined with sleeping *late* until 0500 this morning.

One of the reasons I’ve desired a conversion from night owl to early bird, is I’ve noticed after numerous hacking runs, like running 3-days straight cycles of coding from 1100 to 0700 (exhausting itself), that if I don’t sleep at night, I’m terrible in the ‘morning’. It’s like, if I skip sleep, or just stay up ’til dawn, that I have a heavy pressure in my chest: and I don’t like that. Strangely while I’m arguably sleeping less, my current sleep patterns actually have me feeling in better health/strength, than I have felt in over a lustrum.

I’m at a loss to explain it, except to think that my body likes the new (more natural) rhythm a lot more than the old one lol. It’s kind of like I’m finding a new and better form of time sharing between activeness and sleepiness.